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Visual Sound Scapes


We used Unity3D to create a first-person music visualization application with support for Oculus VR headsets. The user will see a menu where they can choose both a MIDI and MP3 file which our application will use to construct a combination of audio and surroundings based off of the given MIDI file. When this is complete, the user is transported to an environment in which the visualizations will be generated. We then manipulate various objects in 3D space around the player depending on the values of the features that were extracted. For example, volume can affect size, frequency can affect color, and octave can change position. The combination of these elements creates a music visualizer that goes beyond current standards while also creating an immersive 3D VR experience.

Download our project and try it out yourself here.

See more videos of our project in action here.


  • Sean Copenhaver
  • Chris Cokus
  • Chris Cokus
  • Mehak Kamal


CS 4644, Creative Computing


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