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Mashed.mp3 is an iOS mobile application and an iMessage extension that creates beautiful visualizations based on users’ music interests. It is a fun way to connect with people and incorporate different relationships in a creative way. We used Swift programming language to build the application and extension. The application uses Spotify API to extract the music preferences of multiple users. We authenticate the user via Spotify and save the token necessary to access their data. The data is then sent to a Processing programming language script which then builds visualizations. The visualization can be exported to iMessage as the background of the group chat. Users are able to see how their music preferences influence the visualization. It is a great way to see the cohesion and the team dynamics of a group of friends, colleagues, or anyone in a group chat.


  • Soumya Khanna
  • Maddie Harrison
  • Camellia Pastore


Virginia Tech - CCS Capstone


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