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Perspective Gallery is a unit under Student Engagement and Campus Life and Student Affairs. We present high quality art exhibits and provide co-curricular art experiences through our Art Reach program. Due to limitations imposed upon us during COVID-19 we reinvented ourselves quickly and efficiently turning our weekly Pop-Up Art events for students into an Easy Art on-demand video series. Our Pop-Up Art Events are designed to be approachable and to inspire folks less confident about the art world to take part in simple arts events. These experiences extend artmaking to students looking for a creative outlet, but also introduce students to the gallery for the first time, helping to develop our patron base. Involved in creating the videos were four student staff members, and myself. Two of the students were SOVA Creative Technologies majors who used the experience to expand their studio practice. Another was an architecture undergraduate interested in learning how to create educational videos, and the fourth, an international Ph. D student in instructional design, offered to teach me how to make videos by creating the first one we published. Since we were in lockdown when we first started the project, the earlier videos focused on projects that were made using simple supplies readily available at home. The technology used was a result of availability and familiarity. The gallery lead, our Ph. D student in instructional design, created the first video titled, “Coffee Painting” utilizing iMovie and her iPhone. The second and third videos came from our gallery intern who was completing her senior year in SOVA. Her two videos were “Colored Pencil Techniques”, and “Fiber Dying with Natural Dyes.” This student used both her DSLR camera as well as her iPhone and edited in Adobe Premiere. The third student, also a gallery intern, was a rising SOVA Creative Technologies, senior who used the opportunity to explore moviemaking during the summer months to inform her studio practice. She created three amazing videos where she explored art concepts, such as “Pounded Plant Painting" and “Clay at Home” through creative filming techniques. Because these videos were so popular, we continued them into spring 2021 and our current gallery lead, a student studying architecture, has created very popular art making videos (Marker Monoprints and Pour Art) that correspond with Take & Make supply bags that we give away to encourage Pod activities during the pandemic. This student also uses Adobe Premier Pro and his iPhone. Not only did my student staff and participants benefit from this project, but I too made three videos and although not as polished as my students, I learned a new skill I would not have tried otherwise and provided a creative outlet during the summer we were all stranded at home. I used Microsoft Video Editor and my iPhone to create my three Easy Art videos.

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