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Demoscene Sequencing Looper

Demoscene Sequencing Looper
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The DSL (Demoscene Sequencing Looper) is a tracker produced by the music duo DSL (Demand Space Love). This tracker was designed for the class MUS 4014, under the mentorship of Dr. Ico, and is written in and operated on a software called Pure Data, or more specifically, the Pd-L2Ork distribution.

While based on popular trackers such as MilkyTracker and Renoise, the DSL tracker differs in a few key ways. The first and biggest difference between the DSL tracker and the rest of the trackers is the fact that it is collaborative. One person sets up the server on their computer via a premade patch, and the rest of the participants can join via that person’s IP address and port number. While normally, a real-time audio collaboration would be rendered difficult or impossible due to latency, in this case latency is a non-issue, since trackers are quantized.

The DSL tracker is aesthetically space-themed, with color palettes and visual assets that tie the look together. Sonically, it uses built-in unit generators, as well as built-in wavetables, to produce audio.

Overall, the DSL tracker is an exploration into what trackers could be in the future, and how their unique capabilities lend themselves to real-time collaboration over distance.


  • Rachel Hachem
  • Caleb Bittenbender




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