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OCLIM: Occupying Liminal Space

OCLIM: Occupying Liminal Space
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OCLIM was designed to respond to the current condition of the world, to create a space that concretizes the “in-between” spaces that exist around us. OCLIM, meaning Occupying Liminal space, references natural forms and biological structures, where concrete is used to encapsulate voids to create a network of organically-derived pods for human occupation that represent a permeable “in-between” space. With most of our world being digital, the need for human interaction and connectivity is as pressing as ever. OCLIM intends to provide shelter within an inside space with the perceived freedom and escape of the outdoors.

Using digital softwares such as Rhino and Grasshopper, we were able to test out various formwork strategies to minimize unnecessary waste. The digital model supplemented analog production methods, allowing us to cut the parts needed for the formwork with little to no errors. Assembly of the formwork was streamlined by developing seamless joints that interlocked to accelerate the construction timeline and decreased the need for extraneous hardware. The interlocking joints allowed for easy assembly and disassembly of the formwork, providing us accessibility in transporting the formwork from the location where the parts were being fabricated to the final spot where the formwork will be poured. Once the formwork was assembled on site, the members were wrapped and layered with various fabrics and plastics to create a shell which will be used to contain the concrete. The use of burlap and 20 mil plastic provided the best flexibility with the most rigidity, providing us a strength of almost 2000 psi. To form the network of voids, a determining factor was how the objects would be removed from the concrete. Items such as inner tubes and old tires were considered but posed a risk on the off chance either item were to burst under the pressure of the concrete, there would be cubic yards of concrete that would be wasted. Garbage bags filled with sawdust provided the ideal material to create voids because if the bag were to burst, the concrete would be able to form over the sawdust, instead of collapsing entirely.

Creating a structure that allows individuals to occupy liminal space is more crucial than ever. The full-scale concrete structure is intended to allow individuals to fully experience a renewed perspective of daylight to enhance their experience outdoors. Through means of digital and analog fabrication, OCLIM challenges traditional construction methods to create an organic structure derived from natural and biological forms in order to provide the occupant an indoor space with the perceived freedom and escape of the outdoors.

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  • Chiravi Patel


Occuping Liminal Space


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