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Choreographic Machine Learning

Choreographic Machine Learning
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Machine learning is a new technology that is already changing our social, cultural, economic, and media landscapes. It has the potential to fundamentally change our species. However, the tools are in their infancy and often difficult to use for non-computer scientists. So, we developed a software for choreographers, dancers, artists, and other researchers to find their way into this space. Using an Azure Kinect camera and a computer, you can record movements and label them. Labeling means telling the computer what that movement contains. The way that you label each recording is up to you; maybe you describe them anatomically, or emotionally, or poetically. The software then uses machine learning to process the movements until it can predict the labels. Then, you can perform a new movement, and the software will attempt to use what it has learned to label that movement in real time based on the system you gave it. This could be used for choreographic generation, research into movement and machines, or even just for fun!


  • Myounghoon Jeon


School of Visual Arts


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