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Project John Doe

Project John Doe

Project Jane Doe is aimed to push the boundaries between games and other mediums. We will be creating a web app (HTML and JavaScript for now), that simulates a social media experience. The goal of the experience is for the user to find the identity of someone who they initially only have a picture of and some minor details. The mechanic of this is based on the way social media connects us, each one of us being assigned a visible/invisible tag, which is then used to connect us. Tags like where we go to school, what music we like, and what kind of content we like/dislike on social media, all contribute to what gets recommended to us since social media feed had stopped being purely chronological years ago. We will then make the user use this mechanic to make (the simulated) social media do the work for us, and filter search the person without us ever knowing their name.


  • Robin Lu
  • Ryan Brogley
  • Samuel Robles-Hinckley
  • Ken Marken


Team John Doe


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