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Forgotten Creations

Forgotten Creations

Forgotten Creations is a game set in a dystopian world where artistry has been deemed illegal. The city is surrounded by an impenetrable wall that blocks out anything that gives clues of the past. You play as a character named Olivia who has discovered a way to break free from the walls of her city and escape to the abandoned outside world. She stumbles into an abandoned museum full of art. She observes the art and comes across a special paintbrush that can bring her artistic vision to life… literally. She is inspired to create derivations of what she sees in the museum such as paintings, sculptures, and instruments, much to the disdain of the authorities that previously bound her.

Players will be able to experience the story of Olivia themselves by exploring the museum and its relics. You can use the magical paintbrush to draw and bring your own creations to life. You can even play with some of your creations by interacting with your art and playing the instruments.

Forgotten creations is developed in Gamemaker with a mix of historical and original art assets and music.

Forgotten Creations was made for CS4644 - Creative Computing Studio in adherence to our semester theme “Space Time Together Apart”.

We hope that players leave with a greater appreciation for art, and are inspired to make some of their own creations.


  • Ian Lettau
  • Elise Holford
  • Catherine Croft
  • Alex Iqbal


Creative Computing Studio Group C


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