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Visual Sensory Convergence

Visual Sensory Convergence

This project asks what are the boundaries of virtual reality? Are there ways we can have real experiences, engage all our senses, or actually feel transported to another world? Virtual Sensory Convergence is an exploration of our reality, through virtual reality. This project takes an immersive virtual reality experience and extends that world outwards with behind-the-scenes theatrical and puppetry elements. What is usually an isolating technology experience is transformed into a world where participants can interact with the world around them, touch things that respond, smell things, communicate through interactive sound experiences and be a part of that world. My collaborative team will be developing a rich array of scents for this project and are building a library of organic scents. We will be creating unique smells for each of the characters within the Virtual Reality Scene. We are pushing the boundaries of the five senses by utilizing spatial and sound environments created with the latest developments in Virtual Reality, VIVE, UnReal gaming software, real-time and 3D sound. This project, currently under development, presents a virtual ecosphere with its own living entities. Each creature is created as a physical prop, has VIVE tracking, and is puppeteered by a live performer. This entire exhibit is a sensemaking metaphor for Thomas Tucker’s meditations on his art derived from his mind’s eye.

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