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VR Haptic Glove

VR Haptic Glove
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With the advancement in technology and the desire for a more realistic virtual experience, companies have begun to focus their attention on designing VR gloves for their consoles. Currently, most companies have controllers that are still based on conventional controllers, using joysticks and buttons to interact with their environment. Although having a comfortable feel with ergonomic controllers, these modes of interaction lack in their ability to make the user feel they are controlling their environment with their hands. Startup companies like HaptX, VRgluv, or Dexmo are already inventing VR gloves to provide a better user experience. Big companies such as Oculus or Valve are elaborating their software and input system to provide more natural hand metaphor, but their interaction techniques are still based on controllers with joystick and buttons. We hypothesize that a natural hand metaphor with appropriate haptic feedback will provide a better sense of presence, engagement, and usability than conventional controllers. To answer this question, we invented the VR Haptic glove and design the experiment to explore the influence of natural hand metaphor and haptic feedback.

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  • Hye Sung Moon
  • Myounghoon Jeon


VR Haptic Glove Project - Mind Music Machine Lab


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