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SPAN - Modular Origami Structures

SPAN - Modular Origami Structures
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During times of social distancing, communities need access to safe and interactive spaces outside of their homes. Public outdoor spaces have become a necessity for businesses, communities, and individuals who need a break from monotonous interiors. This project focused on developing temporary structures that will aid communities during this pandemic and in the future, by providing shelter from the elements, outdoor seating, and interactive pavilion spaces through a modular system of origami inspired structures. Structures were designed to be lightweight, and collapsible for quick assembly and transport. The modular system allows the origami structures to be placed wherever necessary, but also have the ability to be connected together for larger gathering spaces. Through experimentation of 3D printing structural components onto textiles, we were able to create a breathable structure that mimics the folding process of traditional origami tessellations, where the textile acts as the folding plane, with the printed components allowing it to hold its form. Experimentation included textile bonding tests, joinery and structure development for safe public use. By taking advantage of 3D printing technology and textile materiality, we were able to create structures that engage the community, create a more sustainable world, and amplify the arts.

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  • Madison Wynn


Institute for Creativty, Arts, and Technology


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