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VAROS: Connect with your health in a new world

VAROS: Connect with your health in a new world
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How do we reduce disparities in patient education and increase access to healthcare? Attendees will be able to interact with our colonoscopy app on both an iPad and on VR. The goal of this prototype is twofold: to assist patients in understanding their treatments and increase healthier patient outcomes; and reduce barriers to cutting-edge medicine.

We had previously presented at a gastroenterology conference in Las Vegas, where we consulted physicians and surgeons on the need for innovative patient education. We utilized this information to design an VR/AR based solution that animated medical procedures. Our team is half pre-medicine and half computer science/visual arts, allowing us to blend our respective disciplines into a solution that will benefit many.


  • Virtual and Augmented Reality Organ Systems


  • Saket Bikmal, College of Science, Neuroscience
  • Leo Stone, College of Engineering, Computer Science