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Plemory: Creating Places with Memories

Plemory: Creating Places with Memories
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Experience how your memories can stick to where they happened through Plemory. Not only yours, you can also live the significant memories or events everywhere in the world and push them up in the air for others to see them without having to navigate many personal social media accounts.

4-phase following the lean startup methodology. 1) Hypothesis building: Brainstorming possible user scenarios, personas, and problems and how Plemory can help. 2) Customer Discovery: Conducting interviews with potential users to validate the hypotheses. 3) Application Design: Designing the main features that provide the basic needs concluded in 3). 4) Prototyping: Translating the main features into a mobile application prototype. Co-PI’s from Business, Engineering and Arts worked across these phases.



  • Amr Hilal, University Libraries, Informatics Lab, Data Services
  • Howard Haines, Pamplin College of Business, Management
  • Michael Stamper, University Libraries, Data Services
  • Mackay Kier, Pamplin College of Business
  • Humaid Desai, College of Engineering, Computer Science