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Hello everyone, we are the Cell Cycle Visualization Project group. We have spent this semester working with Professor Young Cao to create an engaging, informative website that teaches users about the cell cycle. Our three user groups include young students, the general public and experienced users interested in research data. Our website includes introductory information for users first learning about the cell cycle, detailed cell cycle models for those interested in more detailed information and mathematical models created with research data from Professor John Tyson’s lab. Professor John Tyson is a Distinguished Professor in the Biology department. His lab focuses on studying Caulobacter cells, a type of bacteria widely distributed in freshwater lakes and streams. We hope the website will be a useful tool for all users and our work can serve as the building blocks for future teams to continue improving the website.

The website was created using HTML files, one for each webpage, and JavaScript files to create interactive cell cycle visualizations. Our first priority as a team was for the website to contain accurate and easy to understand information. Throughout the semester we had regular meetings with Professor Cao to get his feedback about the website design and the best way to address the needs of each user group.


  • Cell Cycle Visualization Project


  • Cesar Smokowski, College of Engineering, Computer Science CS, Genome Research Project