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The Tale of Two Brothers

The Tale of Two Brothers

The Tale of Two Brothers is a cinema of the ear project, meaning that the story will be specifically audio drive. The art that you will see displayed is supposed to help you picture the story, and put you in the setting along with the music.

This was a culmination of sound, story and visual arts in that order. The process of making this film originated from two melodies that were constructed within my head. From these melodies, came a story. Inspired by Avatar the Last Airbender and the characters Yasuo and Yone from League of Legends, This story developed first on a word document in front of me. It was then shared with some of my friends who are avid writers and they turned it into a shorter and more concise story. This was so that it could fit into a short 30 minute film that was focused on the audio itself. I then built a team of those who helped me and hired artists to draft a full concept for the rest of the film.

As the composer and director, my job was to build a society and community for these melodies, a tribe for them to exist, a symphony. Thus leading to our two brothers, Hakan and Aleki. Their tribes are inspired by various cultures; Samoan, Native American, Greek, Japanese, and African. These cultures are shown by various amounts of details within the film; Aleki means the defender of man in samoan and greek culture and his primary instrument is a japanese koto, Hakan’s tribes name is the Ulimu which translates to black and red in Samoan and his clothing resembles old greek war armor. From this story, came the rest of the music which was done in a DAW(Digital Audio Workstation) called Logic Pro X with primarily the use of Opus instruments, an electronic orchestra. The story was then finished and we moved on to the specificities of the art. The group worked hard to make a decision on which scenes we wanted to be drawn and animated. This was definitely the most difficult part of the whole project because of the detail we had to put into the drawings. The composition of the shots was the most fun to construct because of how real everything started to become. We then recorded live instruments to make the electronic orchestra sound more alive. This required me to hire a sound engineer and led to the post production of the film.


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