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Ocean of Objects

Ocean of Objects

The audience will experience a diorama of found objects arranged in new contexts. The diorama will include everyday objects, with a specific look at how we use and dispose of one-time-use plastic and cardboard items. The artwork will also include projections and Arduino assisted elements. These digital additions will help deepen our relationship to objects and materiality, and will help position the audience member in relationship to the objects in their own lives.

Most of my process includes figuring out how to find creative uses or substitutions for usually mundane things. For instance, I am creating a sculpture of a tidal wave out of recycled plastic and cardboard materials. The tidal wave will also have LEDs that are attached to an Arduino UNO and a light register. The addition of Arduino elements provides an opportunity for me to explore the techniques behind combining art and technology, but it can also provide the audience with a more robust experience. As the final layer to my process, I am adding projections to the room in order to make the narrative or point of the art as clear as possible. The projections are also used as a way to texture certain surfaces to change the appearance of the object.


  • Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology


  •  Joseph Link, College of Architecture and Urban Studies, Creative Technologies 
  • Rachel Weis, Moss Arts Center