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Community Pulse

How can we better understand our communities and one another through art? Using input data on one's emotional well-being through the form of a survey, Community Pulse creates a continually updated art piece that integrates one's unique emotional "color" into a colorful and abstract fine arts piece.

Our project is multidisciplinary and pulls inspiration and research from Visual Arts, Color Theory, Psychology, and Computer Science. With our discovery of the PAD model in identifying emotions, and a correlation to the HSV model in computing color, our team was able to associate unique emotions to unique colors. Our algorithm turns emotional data into computable numbers, which are then converted into a unique color representing their emotional state, and incorporated into our final art piece.


  • Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology


  • Caillyn Jeffery, College of Architecture and Urban Studies, School of Visual Arts, School of Visual Arts
  • Anthony Cusat, College of Science, Psychology
  • Kermie Sherer, College of Engineering, Computer Science