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ICAT C+I Day 2020

ICAT Creativity + Innovation Day

Discover the inventive and cutting-edge work being created by Virginia Tech faculty and students.

ICAT C+I Day 2020

Explore the virtual world of Open at the Source

ICAT Day 2020

Immerse yourself in Benthos 360

Benthos 360

Open at the Source

Explore a virtual world filled with innovative student projects that bring together scientists, engineers, artists, and designers who are addressing some of the world’s most complex challenges.

Benthos 360

Immerse yourself in “Benthos 360” and dive into the Clinch River with researchers as they document the conservation of Appalachia’s endangered freshwater mussels—one of the most imperiled animals on the planet.

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Explore creative coursework and research projects using creative applications and/or cutting-edge technologies.

ICAT Day 2020 Catalog.pdf ICAT Creativity + Innovation Day 2020 - Exhibit and Event Catalog

In the spirit of visionary force, we are going to go full force with putting your 30 second videos (visionary) up in the cloud for everyone to enjoy, comment on, and put out on social media.  We at CENI and ICAT are working to make sure that the event maintains its status as an event and day to celebrate the accomplishments of creativity and innovation at Virginia Tech. Making these changes will require everyone's - you guessed it - creativity and innovation.

If you haven’t had a chance to submit your work yet, we hope you will still consider it.

In addition to your ICAT C+I Day application  (Part 1 and Part 2), please create and upload a 30- to 40-second video of you talking about your project. We'll use these videos to attract traffic to your exhibit. It does not need to be polished or edited. The duct tape aesthetic is entirely appropriate for this. You can do this with your laptop or phone. (I used Zoom)

Submit your application and video by April 17 in order for your project to be considered for C+I Day awards. If you have additional information, links, or verbiage about your finished project that you'd like to exhibit at the event, that information will be due on Thursday, April 30.

We appreciate your flexibility as we all navigate these new waters together and we hope to be able to gather as soon as it’s feasible to do so.

Please email Phyllis Newbill if you have any questions.