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Bringing Animation Into the Woods: a performance in isolation

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School of Visual Arts


Nate King, College of Architecture and Urban Studies, Creative Technologies


As a response to ideas of isolation and social distancing, I took my projector to the woods to create a solo installation of my current animation, Everything Has Been Changing. I wanted to activate the rock face with movement, but without witness, in order to explore performance solely for oneself.


I started the project by creating looping animations that have different run times in order to composite them together and create a weave of animation. For example, if animation A is 4 seconds, and animation B is 3 seconds, we know the total loop needs to be 12 seconds. I searched for a location to install the animation and decided upon Falls Ridge Preserve due to the large rock surface I could use as a screen. The projector was powered with an external battery block, which lasted over an hour. Learn more.


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ICAT Day 2020
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ICAT Day 2020