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Benthos 360

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Board Choice! This project has been selected by a panel of experts as exemplary of the Creativity + Innovation Day goals.


Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology


Tanner UpthegroveInstitute for Creativity, Arts, and TechnologyJessica Robinson, Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology, School of Visual Arts
Matthew Hull, Institute for Critical Technology and Applied Science
Justin Perkinson, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, Cinema School of Performing Arts, C+I, CHCI


Dive with us beneath the Clinch River as we document the conservation of Appalachia’s endangered freshwater mussels - one of the most imperiled animals on Planet Earth. Benthos 360 transports you to their underwater environment in 360°, as you follow a Restoration Biologist fighting to save them.


Our project brings together multiple disciplines and leverages different VR/360 cameras, which were tested locally before filming onsite at the Clinch River, ground zero for mussels extinction. We designed a special underwater camera mount (which we hope to patent) and used a hydrophone to capture immersive sonic environments underwater. We used VR post-production tools to edit our footage and design the spatial sound. We did audience-testing in the Cube at the VT Science Festival last fall. Learn more.