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MUS 4014: Spatial Sound and Music Class Expo

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School of Performing Arts


Students in MUS 4014, “Advanced Electroacoustic Research: Spatial Sound and Music” will present their binaural creative work in this session. Visitors will be able to view a recording of this session, and listen to high-quality binaural music created for headphone listening by students in this class.


The class was initially designed to teach multichannel spatial composition for high-density loudspeaker arrays (HDLAs) including the 24.4 channel Perform Studio and the world-leading 140-channel Cube system, both located in the Moss Arts Center. After initial instruction in multichannel recording and the simulation of spatial experience on high-density loudspeaker arrays, our class was forced to abandon our multichannel learning environments due to COVID-19. The class then refocused on binaural sound – the creation of 3D sound images for headphone listening. Building on the educational foundation from the first part of class, students delved into encoding multichannel sound into binaural format. This process resulted in the work that will be presented and discussed at this session. Learn more.


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