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Behavior of colors in watercolor

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Board Choice! This project has been selected by a panel of experts as exemplary of the Creativity + Innovation Day goals.


School of Visual Arts


Aline de Souza


This exhibit is about the characteristics of colors in watercolor. We’ll be comparing colors in terms of texture/smoothness, transparency/opacity, staining, granulation and others. We'll look at what happens when you mix colors, when their characteristics may come through in the mixture. Finally I'll draw a simple tree or animal talking about color behavior and my choices while painting.


I plan to share my paintings and color comparisons through videos. I don't know how the virtual space is going to be. If people can video chat with me, I could demonstrate painting directly. If they can't, they can look at the videos and images.
Steps that had to happen to create my project:

  1.  Get watercolor paper, watercolor and brush.

  2.  Set up a my phone with its camera pointing down, with the phone standing on top of books, beside my drawing space so that I can film what I'm painting.

  3.  Introduce colors and make comparisons in groups of two colors per comparison. I plan on starting by showing Windsor Blue in comparison to Indigo. Go through characteristics: transparency, granulation etc. Talk briefly about how it feels and what it means for painting if a color is very transparent or if a color is very opaque etc.

  4.  Make a mixing chart to show gradual mixing and visualize each mix.

  5.  Paint something while talking about color choices and bringing back some of the concepts we saw in the previous steps. The painting will be something that is simple for me to paint, such as trees, birds or squirrels.

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