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The Virginia Tech Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT) advances research, innovation, and education by bringing together faculty and students across disciplines; providing funding, space, support, and expertise; and building mutually beneficial partnerships beyond campus. 

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ICAT Research

ICAT projects are funded to artists, designers, engineers, and scientists who come together in a living laboratory that fosters creativity and promotes critical reflection. Explore below to discover how our faculty  and students are solving the complex problems of the world.

In partnership with Leonardo, researchers at ICAT are excited to be collaborating on a National Endowment for the Arts Research Lab.

Advances in technology are changing the ways we work. From the aesthetics, and functionality to the ways we collaborate, these projects focus on efficiency, productivity, and value. Read more

Science should be available to everyone. Research shouldn’t be hidden in labs and buried on computer hard drives. Read more

Immersive technologies are changing the research landscape. These projects use visual design, 3D modeling, animation, programming, motion capture integration, and true 360-degree sound. Read more

Connecting people separated by distance. With the propagation of COVID-19, what was once a matter of convenience is now a requirement. Read more

Art and technology continually define and redefine our world. Art provides a powerful lens for viewing the world and opens up the possibilities to traverse domains, often in the most unexpected ways. Read more

Pioneering new possibilities with data. As our data-filled world continues to expand it becomes increasingly difficult to manage and make sense of the overwhelming amounts of information. Read more

Creativity that spurs change. This work supports our ecological and cultural resilience. Thoughtful environmental design means a better world for us all. Read more

A new blueprint for the future of learning. We’re creating educational environments that prepare students to confidently enter a world requiring creativity, adaptability, and collaboration. Read more

ICAT Centers & Districts

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    Creativity + Innovation District
    Creativity + Innovation District , redirect

    The C+I team melds the exploration of innovative technologies and the design of creative experiences with best practices for developing impact-driven and meaningful outcomes and solutions.

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    Center for Human-Computer Interaction
    Center for Human-Computer Interaction , redirect

    The Center for Human-Computer Interaction is a world leader in HCI research, both designing interactive experiences and studying human interaction with and through technology.

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    Center for Future Work Places and Practices
    Center for Future Work Places and Practices , redirect

    The newly formed Virginia Tech Center for Future Work Places and Practices will use transdisciplinary research related to the design, development, and deployment of future work spaces, processes, and domains, with an emphasis on human-centered approaches, to focus on the individual and the broader workplace.

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    Center for Educational Networks and Impacts
    Center for Educational Networks and Impacts , redirect

    CENI advances high quality SEAD teaching and learning opportunities in the P-12 contexts and leads in STEM work-force development from early childhood through professional practice.

Get Involved

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    Donor support
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    Through ICAT, your company has unparalleled access to work side-by-side with teams of university experts to explore new ideas and solutions. ICAT helps companies of all sizes explore ideas in low-risk, low-cost ways, customizing services to meet specific budgets, timelines and desired outcomes.

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    Corporate partners
    Corporate partners , home

    ICAT helps companies of all sizes explore ideas in low-risk, low-cost ways, customizing services to meet specific budgets, timelines and desired outcomes.

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    Student Opportunities
    Student Opportunities , home

    ICAT spans academics and research, offering opportunities to explore new ideas, work as part of interdisciplinary teams with other students and faculty members, get funding for research projects, and learn through cutting-edge experiences beyond the classroom.

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    Faculty Involvement
    Faculty Involvement , home

    ICAT creates opportunities for Virginia Tech faculty to explore new areas of transdisciplinary research, build new partnerships, and cross disciplinary boundaries. There are many ways for faculty members to be involved with ICAT as well as to receive funding and support for transdisciplinary research projects.