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COVID-19 Information



● Masks are required at all times while in shared use studios. Please help us protect others. Users are expected to supply their own masks and may be refused access without one.

● Users are required to wash hand with soap and water for 20 seconds or apply hand sanitizer upon entry or reentry into studio.

● All users should use their Hokie Passports when entering facilities. This helps us to know who is at risk in case of a COVID-19 exposure report. If you are bringing a VT guest who does not have access, they should still swipe their Hokie Passport on entry. This will create a report in the Hokie Passport system. If you are bringing an external guest, we have guest cards available and encourage their use. Contact George Hardebeck ( to receive one. If you are conducting user studies or other activities where this is prohibitive it is expected that you will keep a log of visitors.

● Please limit touching of equipment to that which you are using/is required for your work. If you need to find other equipment or have something relocated please ask ICAT staff.

● There will be no eating or drinking in any of the ICAT studios for the Fall20 semester. A personal water bottle will be permitted in some studios but please lift your mask only briefly. Using a straw may be a lower risk method.

● If you have questions or special needs please contact the facility manager (

● Repeated disregard of the stated rules can result in up to a two week suspension of access.

● All studios and equipment there-in are subject to closure at any time. Any personal belongings of importance should be removed after each use.

ICAT Phase I

Implementation Date:
June 17, 2020 - Aug 2nd, 2020

Studio hours are limited to 8am - 5:30pm, Tuesday - Friday.

Reservation Only


Implementation Date:
Aug 2nd, 2020

Studio hours are limited to 8am - 5:30pm, Monday - Friday.

Reservation Only

Please use your personal laptop to connect to computing resources (under development)

Users are required to wipe high touch areas (keyboards, VR/AR headsets, tabletops, etc) with provided disinfecting wipes when finished for the day. If none are available please contact


Implementation Date: TBA

Studio hours are limited to 8am - 8pm, Monday- Sunday. Ad Hock spaces can be used.

Please use your personal laptop to connect to compute resources (under development)

Users are required to wipe high touch areas (keyboards, VR/AR headsets, tabletops, etc) with disinfecting wipes when they begin their work for the day. If none are available please contact

Capacities & Studio Specific Policies

Capacity is variable based on use case and activity, the following capacities are approximations based on studio use. True capacity is what can be maintained with social distancing guidelines in place.

Cube - 25

Create - 3 - For the time being, the 3D printer and laser cutter are to be operated by ICAT staff only. Please submit prints to

Sandbox - 15

Perform - 6

Experience A/B - 5 (A), 5 (B), 10 (AB)

Learn - open 28, 14(A), 14(B) with desk 19, 8(A), 8(B)

Observe - 4

DAAS - 9


Newman 122 - 9

Media Multiuse Studios -  7

HEAR Lab - 3


In conversation with the centralized PPE department, EHS, and the Library team we have come to some conclusions.

UV Wands are all but useless in our application, as they require long periods of exposure to be effective. UV Cabinets may provide a better solution but are expensive and are obstructed by complicated forms. Likely more useful for tools with relatively simple shapes. There is concern about extended exposure to UV damaging hard plastics, optics, and sensors on various devices.

Who is responsible for turning away users after capacity is reached?

If a situation arises where capacity is exceeded you should contact the facility manager (

Who is responsible for maintaining sanitization supplies?

A supply of disinfecting spray will be available in each studio. A hand sanitizer bottle will be available in each studio, if running low or empty please contact ICAT will not have a supply of disposable face mask on site. User’s are required to bring their own and may be denied entry without one.

How will ICAT manage University contact tracing requirements?

Our main tool in contact tracing will be the Hokie Passport system and our reservation calendars. All VT users should swipe when they enter a room, regardless of access. This will create a log in the Hokie Passport system. Non-VT guest should receive a guest card from the facilities manager. In cases where this is prohibitive (user studies) the PI or lead organizer is expected to keep an access log

By using ICAT Facilities you agree to report potential exposure to ICAT Facilities Manager, ( as well as your departmental supervisor. ICAT will follow all VT and State regulations on privacy for those reporting.

It is expected that you have maintained reasonable social distance for 2 weeks prior to use of the studio. You are expected to have maintained a 2 week quarantine after any travel outside of Virginia or to any known COVID-19 hotspot.

When transferring VR/AR headsets between user, either sanitize thoroughly or rest for 3 days. Fabric surfaces disinfected and left to dry, hard surfaces wiped. This includes any controllers or accessories. For public or private demonstrations the use of face masks and gloves are required while operating. Headsets and accessories should be wiped with disinfecting wipes between each user. PPE is the responsibility of the department conduction the demo/user study

User studies and experiments must follow all of the guidelines above, in addition to any requirements from the Virginia Tech IRB.

Updates from Virginia Tech

If you're interested in the latest information from Virginia Tech about COVID-19, the university is maintaining a dedicated website that provides updates, information, and resources.