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Crazy Color Chemistry

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Crazy Color Chemistry
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Want to learn about chemistry? Our video covers three basic concepts from chemistry using household items and wacky colors!

Did you know the acidity of a solution can change with pH? Watch as solutions change colors before your very eyes using household items like lemon juice, soap, and milk! Cabbage juice is an indicator some chemists use to determine how acidic or basic a solution is. The cabbage juice changes the color of the solution depending on pH/ If you want your solution to be red, add more lemon juice! If you want your solution to be green, add more soap! What colors can we make?

Have you heard about density? It's what makes things float and sink! Watch if some everyday items will float or sink through a density tower made up of some household chemicals. Can you guess if something will float or sink?

Did you know your brown colored marker actually has a bunch of different colors in there? Chemists use chromatography to separate different chemicals, and we can separate the dyes in your markers using a coffee filter and water! What colors do you think are in a green marker?

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