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smART Field

Application Specific Protective Body Panels for the ESCHER Humanoid Robot

The research efforts associated with smART field focus on developing a solution that integrates luminous materials into an all weather and ADA compliant solution to paths on the Drillfield in order to enhance the integrity of the Drillfield as a “green room” at the center of the Virginia Tech campus. Luminescent materials, passive (such as solar powered) as well as responsive (sensor-controlled interactive space), will be deployed to allow the luminescence of the paths to vary. The variations of luminosity, and changing configurations of the presence of the paths, will weave together the Drillfield, creating a memory of the field as a whole.

Aki Ishida, Architecture,
Muhammad R. Hajj, Mechanical Engineering
Brook Kennedy, Industrial Design
Margarita McGrath, Architecture
Lei Zuo, Mechanical Engineering
Deba Pratim Saha, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Collaborative Colleges:
Architecture & Urban Studies

Visual Arts
Creative Technologies
3D printing