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Innovation meets education and research at the Digital Interactive Sound and Intermedia Studio (DISIS lab or DISIS). As a triple-function room, the DISIS lab serves as a classroom, music technology studio, and research hub, offering a dynamic environment for learning and discovery.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art surround system boasting 24 speakers, including ceiling-mounted, perimeter, and ear-level speakers, the DISIS lab provides an immersive audio experience. Its adaptable design seamlessly integrates with other studios like Perform and the CUBE, ensuring versatility for numerous projects.

Enhancing creativity, keyboard controllers resembling traditional pianos enable composers to produce diverse sounds, while an Xbox controller facilitates spatial sonification and motion music. Additional equipment such as synthesizers and computer-controllable pianos enrich the creative possibilities, supplemented by student-contributed music technology like pedals. Each workstation is equipped with either Windows or Mac computers, accompanied by power conditioners and high-fidelity audio boards supporting up to 24 audio channels.

The walls feature asymmetrical architecture and sound-absorbing tiles, fostering an ideal sound design and instruction environment. Even the porous projector screen facilitates sound transmission during lectures, enhancing auditory learning experiences.

From music technologies to composition for electronic music, DISIS hosts a range of classes and lectures exploring the history and manipulation of digital sound. It transforms into a bustling music studio when the laptop orchestra gathers to create, utilizing advanced music technology at every workstation.

DISIS serves as a research lab, with projects like the current DOD-funded initiative, where high schoolers delve into wave physics by studying music and sound waves.

Access to DISIS is exclusive to students who have completed a class within the lab. However, upon completion, students can request continued access throughout their tenure at Virginia Tech, subject to semesterly renewal.