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The Perform studio is where big ideas take form and get tested. Perform is a place where you can go to map out anything that you would want to do before it goes into the Cube. Perform is a quiet room that has capabilities for surround sound with speakers meant to test on a smaller scale what your project might be like to be in the Cube. 

Often and after using the studio for mock-ups, Perform is the next stop for a project; serving as a project incubator, especially if the project will end up in the CUBE. In fact, the first time that our Tesseract was constructed, it all happened in Perform. The space serves as an important place for large projects to safely be in the developmental phase before transitioning to the CUBE. However, certain projects end up using the studio as the place where they shine, without the need to go to the CUBE.

Located on the first floor of the Moss Arts Center just across from the CUBE,  Perform is an important place where researchers can think big and create lasting impact.