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Welcome to ICAT’s Photography Studio. Our studio is designed to inspire creativity and capture your photographic vision. It is a haven for students and faculty seeking a professional and well-equipped space to bring their visual ideas to life while doubling as a teaching studio. We provide access to equipment and tools that may only be available in ICAT.

Some of the equipment we offer include but are not limited to: 

  • Decent shooting area
  • Seamless backdrop paper (white, black, and gray)
  • Two high-quality monolights on adjustable tracks
  • Sync cable for lights to your camera
  • Various light and prop stands
  • C-stands
  • Diverse lighting modifiers
  • A Mirror

As one of the only places on campus for short-term photography projects, this space is ideal for individual portraits to large group shots, from simple compositions to intricate setups. For students and faculty interested in video projects, please remember that our monolights function as strobes, emitting an intense flash of light for still images, and the modeling light will NOT work well to light any video scene. If your project involves video, we recommend bringing in your own LED light for optimal results.

We hope to have you in this space soon.