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Digging In the Crates

Launched in 2016, the Virginia Tech Digging In the Crates' True School Studios is a creative hub for music production, DJing, and beat-making. More than just a learning space, the studio is a vibrant community dedicated to making music accessible to all. During a session, the True School Studios brim with energy. And if you step in when the studio is in all its glory, you can feel the sounds of the space in every fiber of your being.

This space, with over 1000 events hosted since its inception, is non-prohibitive, skill level-wise. Whether you're a seasoned musician or a beginner, the studio's primary mission is to provide access to music and music-making to the community: Virginia Tech and K-12 students, to unleash the creative potential of anyone using it.

The vast array of diverse and intriguing equipment is one of the studio's greatest strengths. Instead of making music "in the box" (on a computer), this studio is equipped with, but not limited to, turntables, mixers, and scratch samplers if you want to learn how to DJ, and drums, headsets, electronic bongos, and even a theremin if you are interested in getting into music production. 

Equipment is placed throughout the space, inviting curiosity to touch, feel, and play. Whether you're there to produce music, perfect your DJ craft, or compose the perfect beat, you can be assured of finding inspiration overflowing from this energetic space.

Open every wednesday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.