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Experience A + B

At the heart of innovation and creativity, the Experience Studio is a dynamic and versatile space dedicated to facilitating ICAT projects. This studio is split into Experience A and B (161A and 161B, respectively).

We designed it as a dual-purpose room to set up projects or exhibits on one side and the viewers on the other. 

Our Playdates have highlighted the original intent of using the A and B sides of Experience to showcase multiple projects. The teams of FutureHaus and Drones in Space have also benefited from this dual-function layout. However, currently, the studio uses a different pattern of utilization and is home to another Drone research team. And when required, a separator separates the studio into two distinct rooms to accommodate the need, hence the two front doors and the appellations Experience A or Experience B.

The Experience studio is equipped with patch bays on both the A side and the B side, allowing for seamless audio, video, and networking routing. Moreover, this integration extends beyond the studio; we can route audio, video, and networking to other studios within the Moss Arts Center. This patch bay allows any project in the CUBE to be shared with the Experience Studio, Perform, Sandbox, and Learn.

We store our extensive production gear and a wealth of computers and cables in this studio on the B side. Additionally, Experience has many other pieces of hardware and tools we have accumulated from our projects over the years, meaning there’s a treasure trove of technology for our researchers to use. So, if you hear the name Experience without the suffix A or B, just know it is this room.