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Utilizing Virtual Reality Platforms for Diverse and Inclusive Recruitment

Overall, the project aims to create a recruitment experience that will allow the cultivation of a more diverse student body to facilitate multifaceted and collaborative educational experiences for all students. This will be done by engaging with populations interested in improving knowledge and understanding cultures, with focus on providing resources and information to nderrepresented populations. Many current and prospective students are unaware of the opportunities for research, personal growth, and academic development available at Virginia Tech.  

Additionally, access to recruitment experiences (i.e. career fairs, on-campus tours, laboratory tours) can be limited by socioeconomic factors, geography, and lack of connections within the university. Technologies such as virtual reality (VR) provide a new platform for recruitment teams across the university, allowing them to provide exciting recruitment material that includes experiences and information many students may otherwise not have access to, and the university can begin to overcome barriers with additional information, resources, and support to underrepresented students. It will also establish preliminary data analysis on methods of engagement and information retention in a virtual environment. The goal is to have a fully packaged experience that students and recruitment teams can access without assistance, which will be tailored to meet the needs of freshmen exploring opportunities at Virginia Tech. By providing this information, students and prospective Hokies will have the opportunity to engage with departments and organizations across the university, resulting in a more diverse and inclusive student body.