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Invasive Exegesis

Invasive Exegesis is a multimedia, multi-sensory art installation intended to illuminate the socio-ecological impacts of invasive plant species in Appalachia—using video, sound, and sculpture to explore both the connection between people and invasive plants, and the consequences of the unchecked spread of these species. Invasive plants affect not only areas generally considered to be undisturbed ecosystems (deep woods, national forests, etc.), but also domestic settings (garden centers, farms, yards), and liminal systems (roadsides, buffer vegetation). As such, this installation will be mostly portable, and be installed in a variety of locations outdoors where people can encounter it during everyday activities. Possible sites include: Stadium Woods, near the Pandapas native plant garden, and along the Huckleberry trail.

Also funded in part by the Center for Communicating Science.