Cube Fest: Massively Multichannel Music, a three-day spatial music festival produced in partnership with ICAT and the Moss Arts Center, brought together a group of 20 international researchers and guest artists who presented original venue specific compositions, preexisting works, live performances, and a spatialized performance of Pink Floyd’s seminal album Dark Side of the Moon. Cube Fest represented an interdisciplinary arts event that included numerous individuals in audio technology, computer engineering, music technology, guest artists, musicians, and composers. The goal of Cube Fest was to create and foster community around spatial music, immersive aural experiences, and 3D audio technology. On an international scale, Cube Fest was a unique program. While similar spatial music festivals exist in national and international university settings, they exist as an academic exploration of spatial music and audio technology. Cube Fest represented a one-of-a-kind festival designed to be accessible for general audiences.