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smART Field

Application Specific Protective Body Panels for the ESCHER Humanoid Robot

smART FieldBy re-envisioning the means of crossing the field as illuminated pathways of communication, the smART field project extends the role of the pedestrian paths on the Drillfield as a vital campus link. The new paving infrastructure responds to the activities of people on campus, harvests energy from foot traffic, and reconceives the walking surface as a lighting and sensing instrument. At night the Drillfield will transmit campus happenings through subtle variations of light.

The paving system will withstand Blacksburg’s harsh weather conditions, be accessible to individuals of all abilities, including those in wheelchairs, and use technology to improve the user experience. The technology includes the integration of lighting, sensors, and energy harvesting to translate human activities and weather patterns. The goal of the project is to amplify the Drillfield’s traditional function as an immersive, responsive, and reflective heart of the campus.


smART Field

Aki Ishida, Architecture,
Muhammad R. Hajj, Mechanical Engineering
Brook Kennedy, Industrial Design
Margarita McGrath, Architecture
Lei Zuo, Mechanical Engineering
Deba Pratim Saha, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Graduate Student Members:
Archi Dasgupta, Architecture
Mingyi Liu, Mechanical Engineering
Joshua Treadway, Architecture

Student Members:
Abdulazeez Albanyan, Mechanical Engineering
Alex Bala, Architecture
Suzanne Berry, Architecture
Leira Carreon, Architecture
Austin Chase, Landscape Architecture
Daniel Choi, Industrial Design
Luke Dale, Architecture
Anuja Das, Architecture
Michael Folta, Architecture
Elizabeth Harris, Architecture
Kaelum Hasler, Industrial Design
Megu Kamiya, Landscape Architecture
Rui Lin, Mechanical Engineering
Matt Nabers, Mechanical Engineering
Sehyung Nam, Mechanical Engineering
Rachael Skolnekovich, Architecture
Yilun Yu, Mechanical Engineering

Collaborative Colleges:
Architecture & Urban Studies

Visual Arts
Creative Technologies
3D printing