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Dear Younger Me

May 2, 2023

Dear Younger Me — Healing the Inner Black Girl — An Immersive Art Experience

Components of Exhibit

  • Audio and Video of 10 Black women reading notes to their younger selves.
  • Accompanying music composition and lighting design based on the physiologial responses of participants while reading their notes.
  • Photographs, graphic design and AI generated depictions.
  • Interactive component. 


Curate healing spaces and opportunities for Black women to engage in self-compassion andcommunity building by addressing their innerchild. Further modeling and providing empowerment for young Black girls. 

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Dear Younger Me (2023)
  • Jada Hoffman, Gilette B., Adele, Tilandra R. Patricia, Kailynn, Amber, Tracey, Salina - Featured Readers
  • Keisha V. Thompson - Researcher and Project Leader
  • Ben Knapp - Producer
  • Dacia Kings - Composer
  • Tianyu Ge - Data Processing and Feature Extraction
  • Eric Lyon - Sonification and Spatial Treatments
  • Geefa Adane - Transcription
  • Sydney Johnson – Animations
  • Meaghan Dee – Graphic Design Advisor
  • Andraé L. Brown & Tilandra Rhyne - Project Recruitment