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Sound of Space

An Interactive Afrofuturist Experience

Fri Aug 20 12-9 pm
Sat Aug 21 12-9 pm
Sun Aug 22 12-6 pm

"Sound of Space: An Interactive Afrofuturist Experience" features the themes of transport, funk, flow, and testimony to give audiences a sonic, visual, olfactory, and tactile environment to catch Afrofuturistic vibes. 

The installation was created by graduate and undergraduate students in Dr. Tyechia Thompson’s "Afrofuturism to Vibranium and Beyond” course. Inspired by Sun Ra’s Space is the Place and the music of Parliament Funkadelic, the students created counter histories, alternate destinies, and posthuman identities through the aesthetics of their arrangements and their interactive Afrofuturist installation.

“Sound of Space” was first performed in collaboration with Al Evangelista and Devair Jeffries's course "Improvised and Devised Performance” in the Cube in the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech on March 7, 2019.