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King Britt presents Moksha Black

King Britt
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“As it Should Be”

Moksha Black is a project from veteran producer, King Britt. The project name refers to the process of Black Liberation through self realization and spiritual awareness.

One of the most fruitful of collaborations has been with legendary singer, Roba El-Essawy (MidnightRoba), who laid the groundwork for the early 90s trip hop movement as the powerful voice of London outfit, Attica Blues. Channeling ancestral energy from her Egyptian heritage and unparalleled love of jazz, Roba brings a unique sonic viewpoint that is unique only to her.

As It Should Be, is the first song that brought Roba out of her 20yr hiatus. Powerful words combined with the electronic textures, creates an aural document for the ages.

Bathe in the sound of liberation.