NETS 1.0

The design will turn the prominent fly tower space of the & Davis Performance Hall into a responsive environment. Enhancing the qualities and verticality of the space, the installation will be be in slow and constant change actuated by live weather feed. The project seeks to activate the urban space while raising the awareness of global climate issues.

he concept for the installation was developed within frame of the course Textile Space, taught by Paola Zellner (School of Architecture + Design), in collaboration with Introduction to Physical Computing, taught by Dr. Tom Martin (Electrical and Computer Engineering).

Students involved in the installation:

Textile Space Course: (All architecture students) Nathan Artis, Jesus Barney, Adam Burke, Joanna Cofer, Trey Hoffman, Saron Iasu, John Knuteson, Kelsey Margulies, Camila Paggi, Sarah Rege, Nikole Seavey. Introduction to Physical Computing Course: Matt Bock (Computer Science), Susanna Bradley (Industrial Design), Ari Horowitz (Industrial Design), Justin Johnson (Computer Science), and Evan Spillane(Computer

Collaborative Colleges:
Architecture & Urban Studies