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Moss Arts Center Projection Mapping

Moss Arts Center Projection Mapping

The Moss Arts Center Projection Mapping Project took place January 28 - 31, 2016 in the interior stairwell inside the Moss Arts Center. The team utilized the unique upside down staircase geometry above the stairwell to project onto the surface. A 10-15 minute looped light show was shown on the ceiling surface and was accompanied by a soundtrack played simultaneously. Temporary speakers were set up inside and outside of the buildings so viewers could see and hear the piece from several vantage points. By utilizing projected light and imagery, complimented by sound, guests visiting the Moss Arts Center experience a study in aesthetic design to showcase the unique architecture of the building.

Thomas Tucker, School of Visual Arts;
Tanner Upthegrove, Media Engineer for ICAT at Virginia Tech;
Kevin Ayoub, Facilities and Rental Manager at the CFA;
Doug Witney, Projector and Facilities at the CFA;
Kevin Concannon, Director, School of Visual Arts

Collaborative Colleges:
Architecture & Urban Studies

Performing Arts