>Water Quality Research, Ecosystem Monitoring, 3D Modeling Environment

Fusality for Stream and Field

Researchers supported by the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology are developing an interactive 3D environment that will bring together data from multiple research locations, including water quality data, to produce more comprehensive models and analytics for community ecosystem monitoring, targeting ongoing research activities at Stroubles Creek and the Catawba Sustainability Center. An interactive experience of the next-generation of flipped lab and Mirror World will be provided, where the internet becomes the means for people to connect with and participate in the stewardship and development of their ecosystem. Immersive technology combined with web, GIS, and real sensor data provides a unique view of 3D Virginia across scales.

View the presentation from the October 28th playdate.

Participants: Nicholas Polys, PhD – Advanced Research Computing
Mintai Kim, PhD – Landscape Architecture: Nightscape Research
Peter Sforza, Center for Geospatial Information Technology
Durelle Scott, PhD – Biological Systems Engineering
John Munsell, PhD – Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation
John Nease, Catawba Sustainability Center Manager
Cully W. Hession, BSE

Collaborative Colleges:
Architecture & Urban Studies
Natural Resources & Environment

Water Quality Research
Ecosystem Monitoring
3D Modeling Environment