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Creativity and Innovation District (CID)


The big room with bordered glass walls on the first floor of the CID near the assembly room is a studio like no other. It integrates a lab, workshop, and classroom, where your imagination sets the only limits. Comprising five unique rooms – the Laser Room, Metal Shop, Wood Shop, Paint Room, and Classroom/Workspace – this innovative hub is open to students of SEAD Grants, the School of Visual Arts, and CID residents, offering a plethora of cutting-edge tools and technology for diverse projects.

Laser Room

The laser room is primarily used as a workspace for students creating projects in 3D art and laser cutting. Here, you'll find:

  • Two standard 3D printers and 1 tall 3D printer 
  • Two laser cutters 
  • Two scanners 
  • Two printers 
  • One vinyl cutter 
  • One soldering iron 
  • Two computers to run processes

Wood Shop 

In the Wood Shop, you can transform raw wood into stunning creations. Equipped with a CNC mill machine for sculpting wood in 2D or 3D, alongside traditional tools like saws and mills, this space is perfect for woodworking enthusiasts.

Metal Shop 

You can head to the Metal Shop to cut, weld, and shape metal into sheets and various other forms for metal-based projects. Featuring a CNC plasma machine, you can effortlessly cut metal into intricate designs that only an assisted design machine can offer.

Paint Room 

Metal or wood sometimes requires a coat of paint for one reason or another. If the painting job you need to do requires spraying or airbrushing, then this room is where you can accomplish such a task. However, at the moment, the Paint Room is exclusively for water-based paints.


Decked with stools and spacious wooden tables, the Classroom/Workspace is ideal for planning, lectures, or collaborative work on projects. When the studio serves as a classroom, the lectures and presentations are given here. This space frequently hosts creative workshops, from crafting laser-cut wooden sketchbooks to building desk organizers, cabinets, and birdhouses. It's ideal for students pursuing independent projects and expanding their creative horizons. 

For more information about this studio, please contact Claire Suess.