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Engineering Visibility brings visibility to the invisible topics, concerns, and questions within the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. This department is globally recognized for its dedication to research and its rigorous academic program. However, outside the classrooms and labs are hallways that are teeming with a variety of people, ideas, questions, and concerns. In this podcast, I sit down with the people of the ECE department to talk about all the things that go unseen in ECE.


The work to ensure that all people, despite their differences, are afforded the same opportunities drives the mission of inclusion and diversity efforts.  However, inclusion and diversity is more than just attending workshops and programs.  To understand the importance of inclusion and diversity, it is essential that we become familiar with diverse people and their experiences.   In this episode of Engineering Visibility, I speak to three alumni of the ECE department and ask, “What does inclusion and diversity mean to you?” 

Welcome back to Engineering Visibility!!  The podcast that works to bring visibility to the unseen people and communities of the Bradley Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech.  In this episode, I speak to the current female students and alums of the ECE department about their experience of being a woman in the classroom and industry.  

In this episode, we are going to graduate school!  I speak to Taiwo, Natalie, and Nicolas about being a graduate student in the Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and learn why they choose to pursue a graduate degree, how graduate school differs from the undergraduate experience, and what are the pros and cons of grad school.  So whether you are an undergrad contemplating grad school or a graduate student curious to know what other grad students have to say, I invite you to listen.

In this episode you will hear from the people of the ECE department and the university discuss how COVID has affected their lives and how they are working behind the scenes for the ECE department, the university, and you!

Though the majority of undergraduate students within the college of engineering at Virginia Tech are between the ages of 18 and 23, not every undergraduate student arrives to Virginia Tech directly from high school. There are also “non-traditional” students that include transfer students, older adult learners, and part-time students. In this episode, meet the non-traditional students and alumni of the ECE department.

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