Creative Dance is a course within the Curriculum for Liberal Education at Virginia Tech. During Summer Session I, 2013 the iPad and iMovie were required tools for the final dance assignment of this course. The 28 students in groups of 4’s and 5’s collaborated on choreographing a 2-minute dance.  The assignment required tracking the group’s creative process in a digital journal using the iPad, drawing the floorplans of their dance indicating the spatial relationships among the dancers and their pathways corresponding with the music meter, videotaping their dance, capturing their dance in iMovie, and inserting the jpegs of the floorplans into the iMovie of their dance. InnovationSpace loaned iPads to the students, provided the laboratory for students to work on editing their dances in iMovie, and booked their classroom for the students’ final presentations. This study was presented at the 28th Biennial Conference of the International Council of Kinetography Laban at York University, Toronto during August 2013 and published in the Proceedings.