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Utilizing Aerial Circus Arts as a Form of Inclusive Physical Exercise

This project highlights the need for an inclusive and accepting space for physical activity at Virginia Tech (VT) and will  identify aerial circus arts as a form of movement that is accepting of all body types, abilities, gender identities, and skill levels  (Abel, 2022; McIntosh, 2023; Watt, 2022). This project will bring several aerial practitioners from the region to Virginia Tech’s  campus to offer a participation-oriented demonstration of several aerial apparatuses. This demonstration will serve as a gauge  of student interest in aerial arts and to begin the conversation with administration, students, and practitioners on the value and  need to bring a more permanent, inclusive space for physical activity to campus. Several universities offer aerial dance  programs or aerial circus clubs on their campuses, including Florida State University, Temple University, Towson University,  Tufts University, East Tennessee State University, Yale University, and many others. With these examples as precedent, this  project aims to both increase awareness of aerial circus as a creative, inspiring, and inclusive addition to campus health,  wellness, and wellbeing.