Lace is a collaborative project that melds art and engineering to distill abstract concepts of blockchain computing into a tangible experience. A larger than life interactive, kinetic sculpture and functional, transparent, immutable, decentralized ledger will dynamically respond in realtime to transactions on the blockchain. This project will distill the complexities of cryptocurrency creation on a blockchain into visual form while simultaneously distinguishing between the technology and the hype.

This project’s name is inspired by two main factors, that have influence over the project, the first factor being Ada Lovelace. Though Ada Lovelace has been gone for over hundred years her contribution to math and computing, she has been named one of the world’s first computer programmers.

The second factor, a happy accident, is the block chain itself. When visualized its distributed network we discovered it has a striking resemblance to a patterned lace. For these reasons we’ve named this project Lace.