The project involves preparation for a performance for the Center for the Arts opening in November. The guest artist, Elise Witt, was invited by Ruth Waalkes to create an “impromptu glorious chorus,” which involves community workshops with groups and individuals culminating with the public. Workshops took place in June 2013, followed by small performances and concerts. The goal of the workshops was to begin preparation for the big performance in November. Another round of workshops will take place in September. The rehearsal and the final performance for the event will take place on Sunday, November 3, 2013, in the lobby of the Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech. ICAT artists will be participating and capturing video and sound recording to develop a follow-up event in Spring 2014. Community members, faculty, and students from Theater and Cinema and Music, as well as singing groups from across the NRV will be collaborating in this project. Interact Studio will sponsor singing workshops. The second phase of the project will take place in Spring 2014 and will involve an intermedia installation and performance that uses material developed in the project with Elise Witt, called “Interactive Bodies.” This phase will involve Carol Burch-Brown, who will do digital imagery, and Thomas Tucker, who will do projection mapping and motion capture in the Cube in Feb of 2014. Contact Ann Kilkelly for participation or more information.