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Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger Me is a transformative project dedicated to creating healing spaces and opportunities for Black women to engage in self-compassion, community building, and personal growth through workshops and immersive art experiences. Our mission is to address the inner child while providing models of empowerment for Black women and girls.

  • Workshop- Combines psychoeducation, mentoring, and creative expression to empower Black women to heal and grow.
  • Immersive Art Experience
    • Engages viewers in self-reflection and encourages empathy and understanding of the Black female experience.
    • Transports visitors to a world that affirms and celebrates Black womanhood and reminds them of their inner resilience.

The Transformative Power of Healing


Black women leave the project feeling inspired, seen, and heard, with a renewed sense of purpose and belonging.


The project educates the wider community about the Black female experience, building empathy and understanding.


The project fosters a sense of community among Black women, promoting collective healing and support.

Collaborators: Keisha V. Thompson, Eric Lyon, Ben Knapp, Dacia Kings, Tianyu Ge, Geefa Adane, Sydney Johnson, Meaghan Dee.

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The Future of Dear Younger Me

Our vision is to expand and scale the project to reach even more Black women across the country, providing access to healing spaces and transformative experiences that empower and uplift.

Volume 1

Photos by Aria Smith

Collaborators: Andraé L. Brown, Tilandra Rhyne
Videos Recorded at Montgomery College Cultural Arts Center

Get Involved

If you want to support our efforts to empower Black women through the Dear Younger Me project, there are many ways to get involved. Attend one of our events, volunteer your time, space, or resources to help us continue our work.