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Penny P’s Backyard

Penny P, an 11-year old budding auteur, and her three best friends: Nelly, Ramp, and Sadie explore their vibrant Appalachian mountain community by creating short films about the exciting connections they discover between science, art, and culture.

Penny P’s Backyard
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Penny P's Backyard is a live action television show about 4 kid filmmakers in a small mountain college town in Southwest Virginia. Through their short films they discover unique connections between the science found on the nearby University Campus and the art and culture that bubbles up in the Appalachian hills and hollers that surround them. Slated for a Streaming Service or PBS broadcast. 

Currently episodes 1 and 2 are written. Episodes 3-5 are each about 80%. Episodes 6-12 are outlined. This work has been funded by the ICAT Major Grant. Episodes 6-12 will be written by end of spring 2021.  

The Proof of Concept video, which the first small ICAT Grant helped pay for in part, is going into editing after the first of the year. With the final few "pick up" shots secured this summer 2020. Again, using ICAT Sead grant money. Executive Producers Chris Valluzzo and Joe Ciccanrone are currently shopping the pilot script and show bible to producers in LA. While laying out a gameplan for a possible path to PBS. 

Key Players

PI: Charles Dye Co Producer 

Co PI: Chris Valluzzo
Creator/Executive Producer 

With the help of the ICAT Major Grant

Joe Ciccarone
Head Writer/Executive Producer 

Joelle Shenk Writer 

Winema Lanoue Writer


(L to R) Joe Ciccarone, Chris Valluzzo
(L to R) Joe Ciccarone, Chris Valluzzo
(L to R) Winema Lanoue, Joe Ciccarone, Chris Valluzzo, Joelle Shenk
(L to R) Winema Lanoue, Joe Ciccarone, Chris Valluzzo, Joelle Shenk