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Creativity, Arts & Technology to Build Civility

Creativity, Arts & Technology to Build Civility
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civility (noun)

1 he treated me with civility: courtesy, courteousness, politeness, good manners, graciousness, consideration, respect, politesse, comity. 
2 she didn't waste time on civilities: polite remark, politeness, courtesy; formality.
What can we build together when we contend seriously and healthily with our hopes, dreams and fears? 

Evidence abounds that communities are increasingly polarized along political, cultural, and racial lines. Incivility is a major problem in society today, leading to unhealthy interactions that fracture relationships, limit our ability to make important decisions within communities, and can even result in violence. The Civility Project is a hub for inquiry, skills-sharing, and experimentation in civil dialogue and community trust building. We are exploring the possibility of social repair that emerges when we engage in healthy deliberation. Through best practices in civility and associated skills like active listening and non-violent communication, we seek to foster opportunities for healthy interactions that better equip people and communities to make decisions and build consensus around polarizing topics. This project will develop a set of technologically-enhanced theatre and visual arts interventions meant to promote civility. The project is informed by best practices in building empathy and understanding from the social sciences, and how storytelling and human communication functions in digital and virtual environments.